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About Voxpree

Voxpree-Better Recovery Better Performance

At VOXPREE, Inc., we believe everybody is the hero of their life-united by belief fighting for a better life, and everybody is an athlete-united in the joy of movement. Driven by our passion for sport and our instinct for innovation, we aim to elevate human potential. Whether our job is designing the percussion massage device, we’re united by the same mission: to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete and hero in the world. That means you.

Everything we do at Voxpree is about a percussion massage therapy device. We’re innovators and market leaders as the #1 brand of percussion massage device.

We are a professional manufacturer producing the best percussive therapy device to help the athletes and the everyday fitness enthusiast to reduce muscle pain, soreness, stiffness, and subsequently gaining an edge. 

We are covering the entire value chain including design, product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution.

We have heard from people all around the world about how the Voxpree therapy device has helped them.

VOXPREE Vision: Accompany every athlete and sports enthusiast.

Voxpree percussion massage therapy device is a much have gadget for everyone.

We are looking forward to co-operating with the distributor from all over the world for mutual benefits. 

If you want to be a distributor for Voxpree, pls contact us.