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Nuno is a Professional Personal Trainer and Gym Floor Instructor since March 2001.

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Nuno Fitness & Movement will teach us how to us the Voxprere M30 Massage Gun to relieve pain from different parts of our body.

How to Use Voxpree M30 Massage Gun Hip Stretch and Mobilisation - Massage Gun Techniques.


How to Use Voxpree M30 Massage Gun for Shoulder Mobility & Pain Relief


How to Use the Voxpree M30 Massage Gun - Shin Splints Relief


How to Use Your Voxpree M30 Massage Gun - Neck pain Relief and Upper Back


How to Use Voxpree M30 Massage Gun to Stretch Your Hamstrings - Massage Gun Techniques


How to Use the Massage Gun - Adductors Stretch