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Voxpree Story

Allen Woo Co-founder who founded the Voxpree.

I am a marketing worker and product manager with more than ten years of experience in international trade and product sales. Also a sports enthusiast and went to the gym and played basketball 4-5 times every week. However, every time after physical fitness or played basketball, he found that the muscles are prone to soreness or stiffness. Especially strenuous exercise, it usually takes 2-3 days to recover.

At a chance, he found a fascia gun with a plugin in the gym. After the exercise, the fitness coach gave me relaxation with the fascia gun, and the pain I felt after the exercise was significantly reduced. The feeling is much better. Because of more than ten years of experience in the market, I felt that this fascia gun will have a great demand, which can help all athletes and sports enthusiasts to relieve the soreness of lactic acid accumulation after sports and recover quickly. And have better performance in the next exercise.

Because of the dissatisfaction with this prototype, it is necessary to plug in the electricity, inconvenient to carry, the shape is large, and the noise is determined, so we have researched and optimized the shortcomings of the previous product, and designed a small size, lightweight, portable, and powerful massage gun. And that’s how Voxpree was born.

I am a beneficiary of the use of a massage gun. I hope that tens of millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts who use Voxpree products can relieve the pain of sports, improve their sports performance, and better enjoy the joy of sports.

Voxpree has been insisting on technological innovation, striving to make better products for those who use Voxpree products to get a better experience. Persisting in creating better social value has always been our pursuit. We have been encouraged at the same time, we also encourage all the people around us to continue to make progress in life and sports, to be a better self.

Voxpree Co-Founder: Allen.Woo